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Doorstep loans in the UK are going online and so should you

Doorstep loans are one of the most convenient forms of short-term funding that you can enjoy in the UK today. Because instead of you, the borrower, going to a lenders physical branch or store, the lender will be the one to come to you at the very comfort and privacy of your home to transact the credit arrangement. And once you have signed the loan agreement presented to you, the money will be handed to you in cash then and there.

The reasons why doorstep loans are moving online

One of the primary reasons why doorstep loans are moving online is the obvious fact that there is a profitable market in the World Wide Web as more and more credit consumers turn to their computers and smart phones to do business. This also meant that doorstep loan lenders will no longer have to knock door to door to offer their financial products.

And with numerous loan sharks and exploitative lenders tarnishing the image of the doorstep loan industry, the online scenery presented a great opportunity for honest and legit lenders to conduct business the right way. Lenders with their own doorstep loans now have the chance to enter the online arena with their brand of transparent credit pricing and customer tailored payment terms that many borrowers in the UK have been looking for throughout the years.

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How online doorstep loans work

Similar to other types of online credit products, doorstep loans provide a seamless online loan application that can be completed without breaking a sweat. You will only be spending a few minutes of your time to accomplish an online application and you will receive an instant response from your lender on whether your have been approved or not in no more than a minute.

So you can be sure that your application for doorstep loans becomes as smooth as possible, here are some basic eligibility requirements that you need to satisfy:

  • Have to be at least 18 years old in the onset of your application


  • Have an income that can afford the loan and its repayments


If you satisfy the basic requirements above, then you can apply for doorstep loans online from any lender that you are comfortable with.

Applying for doorstep loans online

When you apply for doorstep loans online, the first step in the process involves accomplishing an online application form. The online form will require you to fill out some basic information about yourself such as your name, address, nature of employment, and source of income.

If there are questions and concerns that you have in mind while completing your online application form, don’t hesitate to call the lender or use its online customer service. They should be able to walk you through the entire process and inform you if your application has been accepted.

Here are some of the things that you can expect when you apply for doorstep loans through the internet:
  1. You will receive a decision response from your lender in as fast as a minute after you have completed and submitted your application form. The decision will be based on traditional factors like credit worthiness and none traditional factors as well which means you don’t have to be discouraged if you are someone who has a bad credit. The lender will always look at your monthly earnings and outgoings and your unique circumstances as well to determine whether or not you are suitable for their loan offer.


  1. There is no need to present any kind of document whatsoever in your online application. When your application is successful, the lender will book a schedule that is convenient to you so one of its representatives can visit your home to iron the final details of your loan deal.


  1. When the representative visits you at your home, this will be the time when you will present some documents to verify your application. This includes a valid ID as proof that you really are the person who made the application and evidence of earnings and if necessary, your expenses as well so it would be easy for the lender to tailor a loan deal that is perfectly suited to your present needs and circumstances.
Below are some of the documents that you can present to your lender to verify your present earnings and outgoings:
  • Income: Salary slip, tax returns, payment invoices, benefits, pensions, etc.
  • Expenses: Rent, mortgage, utility bills, child support, etc.

Once all the information has been verified, the lender will present to you a loan agreement that you will have to sign. Carefully go through the terms and conditions of the agreement to ensure that there are no errors and so you will know what to expect. If everything is clear, simply sign it and the money will be handed to you in cash shortly after. You can use the money for any legal purpose whether it involves purchasing groceries or paying off urgent bills.

The benefits of online doorstep loans

Online doorstep loans are becoming extremely popular in the UK in recent years but it comes to no surprise as there are plenty of distinct benefits that you can enjoy from the financial products and here are some of them:

1.) Instant Cash in your hands

Doorstep loans are instant cash loans which means that they can be the perfect solutions to emergency situations. When cash is tight and there is an unexpected cost knocking on your door, you can rely on the quick and convenient financial products to satisfy your need for urgent financing.

2.) Fast approval with minimum requirements

Qualifying for doorstep loans is very easy and completing an application is relatively quick. It takes less than 20 minutes to finish an application form and receive a response from your lender. And generally, there is no need to have that stellar credit rating that traditional loans normally require. In fact, you don’t even have to be a UK bank holder to qualify as your loan will be handed to you in cash once you have successfully completed the transaction.

3.) Cash delivered to your door

And perhaps the best thing about doorstep loans is that you won’t have to move an inch away from your home to enjoy the financing that you need. From filling out an application form, to having the approved funds in your hands, everything can be completed right at the sanctuary of your own living space.

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