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A short guide to personal loans in the UK

When you want to have extra cash in your hands that you can use for virtually any purpose, personal loans are one of the many credit options available in the UK that you can consider. The great thing about the financial product is that you have the complete freedom to opt with the kind of borrowing amount that you wish the take out and the duration in which you are comfortable to pay it back. Typically, personal loan lenders will allow you to secure funds for at least £1,000, and as much as £25,000. You will then have to pay back the money that you owe anywhere from a year to as long as 7 years.

The ideal payment terms for personal loans

The kind of payment term that you choose for a personal loan will have a great impact on the interest rate that you will be carrying. Normally, the most affordable rates lie in the medium term spectrum, in loans amounts from £7,500 to £15,000 with payment terms of 3 – 5 years. Personal loans normally feature fixed instalment payments that are carried out every month. The monthly payments that you will make will include a portion of the entire money that you borrow plus interest rate. personal loans, personal loans,

Secured and Unsecured Personal Loans

Normally, there are two types of personal loans that you can obtain in the UK:

  1. Secured personal loans
  2. Unsecured personal loans

When it comes to secured forms, you will need to provide some form of asset to back up your loan deal typically in the form of a property or vehicle. The asset will serve as security to the lending company and in the event that you miss out or default from your loan’s repayments, the asset can be seized by the lender and sold to recover the money that you still owe them. In terms of unsecured forms of credit however, you can still get approved even if you don’t have any valuable assets at your disposal. But because of the absence of collateral, there is higher risk in the part of the lender and this tends to result in higher interest rates and lower borrowing amounts and shorter payment durations as well for your personal loan agreement.

Personal Loans and Credit Ratings

Every borrower is unique – there are those who are determined to complete the repayments of their loan according to the agreed terms and conditions come hell or high water but there are also those who have a problem sticking to their debt and their payment duties. For lenders, the way to ascertain a borrower’s tendency to complete his debt obligations is through his personal credit rating which is a numerical representation of the person’s history in using credit for the last 6 years. It’s important to note that credit rating plays an important role in the kind of personal loans that you can obtain. Generally speaking, if you have a great credit rating, it would be easy for you to get approved for a personal loan deal with lower interest rates. If you have a poor credit rating, then the exact opposite would be true. While it’s worth mentioning that every lender has its own unique eligibility criteria in evaluating loan applications and in establishing the kind of interest rate that they will charge, credit rating is still the single most important factor of all, especially when it comes to personal loans. Also, bear in mind these important points when it comes to personal loans and the implications you may face once your miss out or default from your credit agreement:

  1. Always keep it a point to cover your repayments according to the agreed payment terms and conditions. Late payments may result to penalties and fees depending on the lender’s policies and defaulting from them can blemish your credit rating which will handicap your capacity to obtain different types of financing in the immediate future.


  1. Aside from a marked credit record, defaulting can also bring in different sanctions that you may have agreed upon with the lender in your credit agreement.
The benefits of personal Loans

There are many reasons why personal loans are one of the most widely used types of credit in the UK today. A lot of that has to do with its unique benefits which include:

  1. Before, traditional personal loans from banks have been quite a disappointment because of the lengthy process required to complete them. However, with the advent of online personal loans, you can actually expect the loan amount to be transferred to your bank account 48 hours after you application is approved.


  1. The steps needed to accomplish an application are also a whole lot easier and more convenient. There is no more paperwork and setting up appointments included as the entire process can be done online through your mobile device or computer.


  1. Lastly, personal loans are also flexible in general. Aside from the fact that you can choose the kind of amount and payment term that is ideal to your needs and present circumstances, you can also typically do advancement payments so you can clear off your debt in advance and save money in lesser interest rate payments as a result. It’s important to note however, that not all lenders provide this kind of flexibility for free. There are those that allow you to settle your debt earlier but in exchange for a certain fee.

A few drawbacks about personal loans that you might want to know But there is no such thing as a perfect credit deal and the same can be said with personal loans. There are a few drawbacks that you might want to be aware of such as varying interest rates from lender to lender. The financial products are also quite reliant to credit scoring which means that you will generally need to have a solid credit rating to get approved. Now if you are looking for more lenient lenders that would cater your need for personal funding despite your adverse credit rating, you might want to search online with an abundance of specialist lenders who offer personal loans for bad credit. personal loans, personal loans,

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