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Text Loans No Credit Check

Text loans are popular in a few countries but because of its fast and convenient method, there’s no doubt that it would be known in many areas soon. Unlike regular loans – and even online loans – text loans are simpler and quicker to obtain. Using this option, you can have your next loan just by sending an SMS to the lender’s specific number. Your application will be based on your identification details that you’ve provided in your first application. Text loans no credit check allows you to acquire the money you need even if you have a bad credit rating or has no credit history at all. In a matter of minutes, the loan decision will be released via text.

Once confirmed, the money will be sent to your bank account on the same day you’ve applied, provided that it processed during office hours. However, there are lenders who may still accommodate your request beyond those times, therefore, allowing you to use your money whenever or wherever you need it.

How To Apply For A Text Loan?

When you text a loan no credit check, you cannot have a successful application unless you’ve been granted and has settled the first loan beforehand. This means that you’ve given your personal details, such as your name, mobile number, and contact number. Setting up your account lets you borrow another amount without any hassle.

Every text loan lender has their own format, but basically, you need to send keywords and the amount to a specific number. There’s no need to please or say thanks to the lender as you’ll only receive an automated text.

I Got My First Text Loan And Settled It, Can I Get A New One?

Yes, of course! You can always send the text loan provider the same message as long as you’ve successfully settled the loan prior to the new application. You should also ensure that none of your personal information and a mobile number has changed; otherwise, you may manually amend your information online or notify the lender.

With text loans no credit check, you can borrow from £100 to £1,000 while existing borrowers may borrow up to £1,500.

How Will I Know The Lender’s Decision?

Regular lenders will release their decision in a few weeks or months but with text loans, you’ll know whether you are granted or not right away! You will receive a text message in a matter of minutes, telling you if you’ve been granted or not.

Depending on affordability and other factors, some applications may be declined. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve been rejected; instead, you will be offered a new maximum amount that you’ll qualify for. In short, you may ask for a lower amount.

What If I Want To Change My Mobile Number?

Text loan lenders will only accept borrowers who’ve registered successfully. In case you want to change your mobile number or any of your personal information, you may do so by notifying their customer service. Usually, the lender will send you a new PIN that you can use on your next transaction.

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